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Thread: Troubleshooting AIS ODBC/OLEDB under IIS and other applications

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    Troubleshooting AIS ODBC/OLEDB under IIS and other applications

    When working with AIS on the Windows platfrom under IIS and similar applications, using either ODBC or OLEDB it is sometimes hard to locate the log file or log line that relate to an error you just saw.

    AIS provides a simple means of dynamically viewing errors as they are reported using the Microsoft OutputDebugString mechanism.

    To use this mechanism follow these steps:
    1. Setup whatever trace options in the environment definition you use (or in the default NAV environment definition)
    2. Make sure to set the invokeDebugger option in the Debug section of the environment setting to true
    3. Start you application
    4. Run the DebugView utility from Microsoft (see Sysinternals Utilities: Miscellaneous)
    5. Now any line logged by AIS would also show dynamically in the DebugView screen.
    An example of such a DebugView screen is:

    Attachment 48

    To establish system wide tracing without editing any environment files follow these steps:
    • In the ControlPanel->System screen under the Advanced tab, click the Environment Variables button.
    • Add a system environment variable called NV_DEBUG with the value (no spaces): invokeDebugger,generalTrace

    Once this is done, new processes will start producing their logs also as debug strings that can be captured with DebugView as shown above.
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